The last bastion of civilization is the fortress-city Central. The people within its walls accept the dominion of Kainethe city's benevolent arbiterin return for his gift to them: Re:memory. This public archive contains humanity's memories of the world before it was destroyed, allowing them to relive lost glories from the past.

Rezin doesn't know who he is or how he arrived in Central, but he knows this: he is a Reaper. His combination of gifts and abilities allow him to decrypt any system and steal information to sell to the highest bidder. His talents afford him a life of luxury until the day he plugs into Re:memory and reaps something he wasn't looking for, something he doesn't understandand something Kaine will do anything to get back.

Forced to flee into the dangerous Outlands, Rezin must dodge Kaine as he discovers the secret he stole from Re:memory is transforming him, awakening powers he can't control. When he encounters mysterious twins with powers of their own, Rezin begins a journey beyond the confines of the world he knew, a journey that will lead him across space and time, a journey that will bring him face-to-face with the nature of the universeand himself.

An original score by Celldweller accompanies the book, composed of over an hours' worth of cinematic atmospheres to transport you directly to Central, the Outlands and the world of Rezin and Elara. The Blackstar Score shifts across a sonically diverse landscape, from '80s New Retro, dark cosmic ambiance and hybrid guitar and synthesizer vocal tracks with lyrics inspired by the novel to give you an unearthly throwback to the science fiction of old with modern production that could only come from Klayton.

255 pages.

ISBN: 9780996307017

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