Joshua Viola

Blood in the Soil, Terron on the Wind

Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind

Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind edited by Kenneth W. Cain is a western splatterpunk horror anthology coming out late summer 2022 from Brigids Gate Press.

Table of Contents [+]

“Crimson Noon” by Antonia Rachel Ward
“The Good Doctor” by Nick Kolakowski
“Sundown Showdown” by Villimey Mist & Damascus Mincemeyer
“The Werechrist” by Jonathan Kemmerer-Scovner
“Ballad of the Overeager Gun” by Josh Viola & Sean Eads
“The Owl Witch of the Comancheria” by Craig E Sawyer
“Ada” by Lana Elizabeth Gabris
“Hands” by Joel McKay
“As Long as You Feed” by David Niall Wilson
“Costumed Mouth” by EJ Sidle
“Trade Secrets” by Brennan LaFaro
“I Have Seen the Elephant” by Michael Bailey
“Boneweaver” by Amanda Spedding
“The Wound Is Covered” by Taylor Rae
“Suffer No Harm” by P.L. McMillan
“Ghost Festival in the Desert” by Wen Wen Yang
“The Patchwork Man” by Ben Monroe
“Voodoo Higgies” by Chad Lutzke

Joshua Viola is an author, artist and film producer based in Denver, Colorado. He is the co-author of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - The Dead Shall Rise. He has worked on films such as Shrine of Abominations, Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon, and Steven Kostanski's Deathstalker reboot starring Daniel Bernhardt (co-produced by Guns N' Roses' Slash.) In 2024, he formed Bit Bot Media with Klayton (Celldweller) and partnered with Canadian film studio Raven Banner Entertainment and FreakZone Games.


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