Joshua Viola

Doorbells At Dusk

Doorbells At Dusk

Halloween horror, dark fiction and suspense short stories.
Carve your pumpkins and turn on the porch light,
Halloween frights begin with the sound of...Doorbells at Dusk.

Halloween has always gone hand-in-hand with horror. The holiday gives many children their first taste of terror, the discovery and overcoming of fears. For those who find they love a good scare, that first taste can grow into a voracious appetite.

That might be why you’re looking at this book right now. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Doorbells at Dusk is a treasury of brand-new Halloween tales from both modern masters and rising stars of dark fiction, horror and suspense.

These are the thrills you crave, packed into a collection that’s pure Halloween.

Featuring stories by:

  • Sean Eads
  • Amber Fallon
  • Charles Gramlich
  • Joanna Koch
  • Curtis M. Lawson
  • Lisa Lepovetsky
  • Adam Light
  • Evans Light
  • Chad Lutzke
  • Josh Malerman
  • Jason Parent
  • Thomas Vaughn
  • Joshua Viola
  • Ian Welke
  • Gregor Xane


Joshua Viola is a Denver Post bestselling author, Colorado Book Award winner, and the owner of Hex Publishers.


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