Joshua Viola

Georgetown: Haunts And Mysteries

Georgetown Haunts And Mysteries

An Anthology Inspired by the Ghost Town Writers Retreat

From the ghost of a hanged man at the old Cafe Prague to the apparition of a sobbing woman at the Rose Street Bed and Breakfast to a phantom Victorian dress whooshing through the halls at the Hamill House Museum, Georgetown is a well-known haunt for spirits of all kind. But some of the town's deepest, darkest secrets have never been revealed...until now. Prepare for nine otherworldly tales of myth and mystery that extend back to the grisly gold and silver rush days of old.

And be careful or you may find a ghostly visitor reading over your shoulder.

Edited by Jeanne C. Stein and Joshua Viola
ISBN-13: 978-0-9986667-5-4

"An impressive gathering of stories that entice and unnerve."
—Kirkus Reviews
Table of Contents [+]

Jeanne C. Stein and Joshua Viola

Deep Veins
Travis Heermann

The Silver Belle
Betsy Dornbusch

A Bouquet of Wonder and Marvel
Sean Eads

Price Brothers Fine Portraiture: Still Life
Warren Hammond

Price Brothers Fine Portraiture: Afterlife
Angie Hodapp

Harry and Marlowe versus the Haunted Locomotive of the Rockies
Carrie Vaughn

Argentine Pass
Stephen Graham Jones

The Madam in Room 217
Sam W. Anderson

Her First Husband
Mario Acevedo

Afterword: Me, My Self, and Tom
Brian Keene

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Joshua Viola is a Denver Post bestselling author, Colorado Book Award winner, and the owner of Hex Publishers.


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