Joshua Viola

Stolen Pallor

Stolen Palor

A painting ruined Cole Sharpe’s life.

When Cole was a boy, he survived an art gallery fire that killed his father and other dignitaries during the unveiling of a mysterious work called Gone By Morning. In the aftermath, Cole became a detective specializing in bizarre mysteries with the help of a mischievous psychic named Mikey.

Cole's newest case exposes him to a dark force that is infecting the art galleries of New Florence, a city so devoted to art that even street buskers can produce paintings worthy of Michaelangelo. A force which causes random patrons to freeze in place for hours and then disappear into the night. As Cole investigates further, unrelenting nightmares threaten his sanity.

Meanwhile, in a bleak counterpart to New Florence called Midnight Village, whose citizens are just as devoted to their own macabre artistic expression, the dark master who created Gone By Morning is preparing his final masterpiece—and plans on making Cole its finishing touch.

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Joshua Viola is an author, artist and film producer based in Denver, Colorado. He has worked on films such as Shrine of Abominations, Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon, and Steven Kostanski's Deathstalker reboot starring Daniel Bernhardt (co-produced by Guns N' Roses' Slash.) In 2023, he partnered with Canadian film studio Raven Banner Entertainment.


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