Joshua Viola

Terror in the Corn

Terror in the Corn

Discover the Dark Secrets of Raven's Gulch in the first of an ongoing series.

Terror in the Corn is a chilling new comic book series based on the infamous haunted attraction at Anderson Farms in Erie, Colorado. This story plunges readers into the eerie lore and sinister characters that lurk within the cornfields of Raven's Gulch.

Issue One: The Wells Twins

Raven’s Gulch, 1876: Meet the Wells Twins, Charles and Mildred—proprietors of the soon-to-open Wells Hotel and the macabre Wells Funeral Home. But beware, these siblings are not mere business owners; they are cunning predators in search of their next victim.

When a drunken miner stumbles into their path, the twins see an opportunity they cannot resist. They lure him into the cornfields, setting the stage for a deadly game of cat and mouse. Will the miner escape their clutches, or will he become the latest addition to their morbid enterprise? Read Terror in the Corn: The Wells Twins to find out.

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Joshua Viola is an author, artist and film producer based in Denver, Colorado. He has worked on films such as Shrine of Abominations, Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon, and Steven Kostanski's Deathstalker reboot starring Daniel Bernhardt (co-produced by Guns N' Roses' Slash.) In 2023, he partnered with Canadian film studio Raven Banner Entertainment.


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