Joshua Viola

True Believers #1 & #2

True Believers #1 True Believers #2

A Three-Issue Slasher Series by Stephen Graham Jones, Joshua Viola, & Ben Matsuya, set at the Colorado Festival of Horror!

Experience the world of horror fandom like never before with TRUE BELIEVERS, a gripping and grisly new comic book mini-series co-written by New York Times bestselling Bram Stoker Award-winner Stephen Graham Jones and Denver Post bestselling writer Joshua Viola, with interior artwork by Ben Matsuya. The three-issue series, which delves into the world of slashers, cosplay, and fan conventions, is set at the Colorado Festival of Horror.

Featuring official cameo appearances by:

Jamie Lee Curtis
R.L. Stine
Devon Sawa
Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium
Jeffrey Reddick

Letters by Jeremiah Lambert

Cover art by Robert Hack, Aaron Lovett, Matt Maguire, Ben Matsuya, Clara Meath, Luigi Scarcella, Juan Samu, Skinner, Xander Smith, and Matthew Therrien

More Info

Joshua Viola is an author, artist and film producer based in Denver, Colorado. He has worked on films such as Shrine of Abominations, Deathgasm 2: Goremageddon, and Steven Kostanski's Deathstalker reboot starring Daniel Bernhardt (co-produced by Guns N' Roses' Slash.) In 2023, he partnered with Canadian film studio Raven Banner Entertainment.


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