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Unioverse Comic #1: Reye Unioverse Comic #1: Krishah

Hex Publishers, in partnership with Random Games, will publish Unioverse tie-in comics based on the new video game franchise. Game of Thrones meets Altered Carbon meets Dune and beyond in this richly imagined universe where all sentient life from a vast network of far-flung planets is connected by instantaneous intergalactic travel.

Release Date: Summer 2023


  • Unioverse #1: Reyu • 8 pages
  • Unioverse #2: Krishah • 8 pages
  • Unioverse #3: Tor Gret • 8 pages
  • Unioverse #4: Annill • 8 pages
  • Unioverse #5: Vella Janx • 8 pages
  • Unioverse #6: Silas • 16 pages

Writing Team

Joshua Viola • Writer
The Bane of Yoto, Blackstar, Classic Monsters Unleashed, Cyber World, Denver Moon, It Came from the Multiplex, Nightmares Unhinged, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shadow Atlas, Target: Terror

Angie Hodapp • Writer
Director of Literary Development @ Nelson Literary Agency, Tooth & Claw


Ben Matsuya • Interior artist (pencils, inks, colors)
Cryowulf, Go2Science, Jupiter Jet, Loom, Midnight Massacre, Five in Five Movie Comics, Villains Seeking Hero

AJ Nazzaro • Cover artist
Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Kaijudo, Overwatch

Tyler Kirkham • Variant cover artist (pencils, inks)
DC, Marvel, Top Cow

Cici de la Cruz • Variant cover artist (colors)
Dynamite, Upper Deck, Zenescope

Stuart Jennett • Concept artist
007: Legends, Battlestar Galactica, Chronos Commandos, Juiced 2, Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter, Star Citizen, Warhammer

Aaron Lovett • Character concept artist
Cyber World, Inkbound, Monster Train, Nightmares Unhinged, Shadow Atlas


Joshua Viola • Creative Director, Publisher

Ken Hall • Art Director
All Points Bulletin, B-17 Flying Fortress, TeamSAS

Brent Friedman • Narrative Director
Call of Duty, Halo 4, League of Legends, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Walking Dead

Andy Baker • Associate Narrative Director
The 7th Portal, The Accuser, The Backstreet Project, House of the Dead


Tony Harman • Co-Creator
Donkey Kong Country, Grand Theft Auto

Wyeth Ridgway • Co-Creator
Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator

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Learn more about the Unioverse team here.

Joshua Viola is a Denver Post bestselling author, Colorado Book Award winner, and the owner of Hex Publishers.


Denver Moon: The Thirteen of Mars The Bane of Yoto Shadow Atlas